Another blog About Weddings?

First things first if you didn’t read the about section my name is Emily, I’m not married, engaged, or even have a boyfriend. Which is probably making you wonder why I’m writing about planning a wedding or if I’m even qualified. I have a love for planning, from being organized to finding creative way to decorate to bringing people together for a fun time. At the moment I’m finishing a degree in Design Management, which is the perfect balance of design and business. Lastly i gained experience from interning at Sinkland Farms in Riner, VA; a old farm turned into a fantastic wedding venue. Spending all summer at different weddings, with different families I saw all the problems that can arise. I want to write a new post each week to help plan but to also help you stay sane from the engagement period to the Big Day!¬†For some reason there is so much pressure to make everyone happy, to make your day perfect. I hate to break it to you but things won’t go as planned, either decorations will fail or some family member will try to take control. Don’t focus to much on it, try to remind yourself that at the end of the day you’ll be married to the one you love.

Story time! When I was helping at Sinkland Farms we were decorating the reception area for an underwater themed wedding. The concept was beautiful and the bride came up with a great idea to hang clear Christmas balls using fishing string from the rafters, it looked like underwater bubbles. The only problem was that they broke very easily and with the amount of family and friends trying to help they kept falling on the floor. It was also getting more and more time consuming to hang up each one my hand. The family wanted to make her happy so they were doing their best but the bride saw it was difficult and she had the best reaction. Instead of freaking out she took it with ease because she knew it wasn’t that important, she said if didn’t work scrap it and move on.


It’s the best advice any person can take to heart, breathe through it and don’t sweat the small things. Your wedding day is exciting but it’s also just one day out of the rest of your lives. In the end all you’ll remember is the fun you had, the love you felt, and whatever the photos show that you can’t remember!



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