Engagement time, just for you two.

Yay!! You just got engaged to the love of your life!

Now what?

Unless you have to get married by a certain time due to deployment or moving, take your time enjoying being just engaged. For some reason all everyone will want to talk about is the ring, how he proposed, or when your getting married and all the planning details. Pretty much everything else in your life won’t matter to other people. So spend time with your significant other, keep going on dates and doing adventurous things together.

Here’s a great couple ideas: Unique date ideas


Whenever you look at that shiny ring, especially when your stressed think of the reasons you said yes. A great idea would be to write down those reasons, you can either give them to your husband on the Big Day or keep them to look at many years down the road when all of life’s stresses get to you and you need a reminder of why you said yes.

Though you want to enjoy your engagement and the idea of focusing on just the two of you is a great concept, guess what…..there’s a part of you that will just want to plan. Excitement it takes us over, the day you have been waiting for since you were little and playing pretend wedding has finally happened!! Don’t stop yourself, be excited, show everyone your beautiful ring and go ahead tell everyone how it happened as many times as you want! Don’t worry about the finer details, of when will it happen or where but go ahead and have fun on Pinterest, save every idea that you love. If you aren’t already following these boards, here are some great ideas.

25 boards from Buzzfeed

Boards from Vogue

The one piece of advice I can give you is to make sure your mom, future MIL, aunt, sister, grandmother, or best friend knows that you are going to take a moment to be simply engaged. They of course are going to have ideas and opinions but for your sanity tell them to save those ideas for when you are ready for their input.


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