When and Where?

Alright hopefully you read my previous entry and took the advice on enjoying your time being engaged, with no wedding planning. Now the fun stuff starts!

First thing that you should think about is what time of the year you want to get married. Lets do some Pros and Cons

o-jimmy-fallon-facebook Winter Wedding


  • Snowfall looks amazing in photos
  • It’s different in a good way, you can use different food and drinks than you could in the summer or spring (Hot chocolate bar)
  • You’re able to be much more creative
  • The lighting, with fire places and candles every where is pure romance
  • It is easier to book a venue and you will save money


  • Weather, depending on location can be tricky with traveling on the day if it snows and for those who are coming from out of town
  • Holidays, people are trying to save for or are already traveling for them
  • you have to send out RSVP’s a little earlier so people can make arrangements
  • When it comes to the dress, you’re going to want more than just a dress for warmth for you and the bridal party
  • Hours in the day are limited



  • In the spring you have nature’s colors on your side
  • If you colors are pastel, natural, or soft this is your time
  • Variety for the menu in the summer
  • Great floral availability
  • Summer night are the best!


  • Weather is unpredictable with rain in the spring and extremely hot in the summer
  • Definite price surge
  • Booking vendors is harder when you’re doing it in a short time
  • In the summer you have worry about family vacations
  • The lighting the summer is bright and affects photos



  • The weather is perfect and predictable depending on the area
  • The change in leaves is beautiful in photos
  • If your color scheme is cooler colors it’s perfect
  • The best photos can be taken


  • School is back so it might be difficult to travel
  • Money is tight after summer vacations, school supplies, and saving for the winter holidays
  • Depending on location, venue might have to be inside which restricts flexibility and you need lots of advance notice to book and indoor venue

Picking a time is difficult but this list should help narrow it down. The next step is the actual date, make sure you look at the most important peoples calendar (I.E. parents, siblings, and those who you are thinking about putting in your wedding)

Once you pick the date call all the places you would want to have your venue at and see if they have that day available and if the do set up an appointment to visit the location. If you’re getting married in a church make sure it also available that weekend. It won’t be as hard as you think to find the place because you’ll know automatically when you see it whether it’s for you or not.




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