Themed All Out?

The theme for your wedding usually matches your venue. So if you picked a venue on the beach, the colors and decorations would go along with the setting, or if you were getting married in the winter in a barn the colors would be rich and dark. It all depends on your personal preference’s.

First thing to think of is the season of when you’re getting married and whether it’s outside or inside. Once you know that, think of the colors that you see in nature and that you love to wear during that season. Another great idea is to look at either pictures from previous weddings that season of other weddings. If you have an idea in your head go to any bridal shop to see if they have the colors that you would want your brides maids to wear.

There are many routes you can go when choosing a theme. you can go simple with just colors, and the best idea is to have at least three but I would have five¬†because you can have three different colors that go together and then have two that are a lighter or darker version of the main color so you won’t have major issues finding the colors in flowers or decorations.

The other direction is have an actual theme, meaning getting inspiration from a movie, hobby, time period, or location. I love going to a unique wedding that shows the bride and grooms personality and you can then even have fun with the wedding cake. I’m a huge nerd and while I would love to have a Doctor Who or Harry potter wedding i have the feeling my future husband would think I was crazy! So you do have to get there input because the day isn’t just about you. My cousin wanted her fiance involved somehow so she told him he could pick the colors since she wasn’t to bothered with what he picked. He came back with green and red because green was his favorite color and thought red would look good, until she reminded him that those are Christmas colors and they were getting married in the spring. so he changed his mind and thought of her favorite flower and picked those colors.

No matter what direction you go in picking your colors and theme are just the start of the fun because the next step is decoration!! Below I put a couple links to some sights for picking out colors and themes.

Unique Themes

Wedding Themes

2017 Trends


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