On the big day or leading up to it things go wrong and at the time they aren’t always funny but sometimes they are just what you need. Here’s some funny stories that I heard!


You get so excited for the proposal and it was something I had been waiting for after dating for five years. After so many hints of what I wanted the ring to look like he finally surprises me and what do I do, I almost choke on a piece of hard candy not once but twice. It’s in the video!



Not one problem but two on my wedding day. First the hair stylist was a no show, which was a problem but we found a way to do it on our own. The second, we decided to put a message on the back of the cake and the bakery placed it on the right tier but put it on backwards. It lucky was something the turned out to be funny trying to explain it to my Uncle. Tried to do something nice to show appreciation for him helping out with the wedding and it got messed up, luckily he found it hiliarious.



My wedding planner almost cut her finger off the morning of the wedding and had to be rushed to the ER. So my aunts took her spot and coordinated everything last minute.



My future husband and I were planning our wedding to be on a beach. As we were shopping for tuxes for him he asks me, “you think it will be okay if I wear my nice dress shoes”? I said, “Well you might not want to since they might get ruined”. He replies, “Babe it’s not like we’re getting married in the sand!” My face was in pure shock as I stared at him, I said “What?! Did you forget where we were getting married? All I could do was laugh!



I told my fiancé he could pick the colors for our wedding since he wanted to be involved in the planning process. After a long silence in the car he said well I do like red. I said ok but usually you have two colors and he said well what about green? I had to hold myself from cracking up! Christmas colors for a spring wedding!? Luckily he ultimately chose two colors you’d find in a stargazer lily, which are my favorite flower. Crisis averted!



On the day my sister got married to her husband, I was with the groom helping him get ready at their apartment while she was at the church getting ready. The groom keeps making weird comments about his suit and how it feels “funny” About 10 minutes, maybe less, before we are supposed to leave to go to the church he realizes he’s wearing the wrong suit. We don’t have anything we can do about it so we get in the car to leave and the car won’t start! It’s making a terrible sound but it won’t turn over. We are probably 25 minutes away from the church and the key people we could call for a ride are all ready there or have left. My car is being used by someone else, so no immediate car to use for a jump. Finally the groom got it to go and made it to the church a little late, no body knew about the issues we had till after the wedding but once we told everyone we all had a good laugh about the whole morning.

Don’t take everything so seriously and remember to laugh when the little things go wrong!


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