Ah the Wedding Party

So who do you want to be in your wedding? It’s a very important decision but the first thing to do is to give it some time. Don’t start telling people they’re in your wedding the minute you get engaged, at least wait a month and think about all the friends and family you would want to be standing up there with you.

First ask your fiancé how many people they think will be on their side so that you can get a picture in your mind of the size of the wedding party. Once you get an estimate think of the siblings you have because most likely you are going to put them in your wedding party also. For myself I have a much older sister so I don’t know if I’d put her in the party but I would find a way for her to be part of the day, my niece on the other hand is closer to me in age and would love for her to be in my bridal party.

Picking which friends you want to be in your party can be difficult especially if you have a lot of close friends. So you need to think of those that will be able to handle you when the stress of the wedding takes you over and those who know you well enough to help do things when you’re busy. Don’t think you have to ask people who asked you to be in their wedding, just ask those who you can trust and can have fun with.

The one thing I always see happen is girls asking friends that are either childhood friends that they kind of still talk to or friends they feel like they have to ask just to not hurt anyones feelings. Then when the wedding comes they aren’t that involved and it’s not as fun because you don’t get to feel excited together. So choose from friends and family that will have fun with you and not let their personal feelings get in the way of a great celebration.

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Bridal Party

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