Decor Do’s and Don’ts

Do be creative, you can do what ever you want and place whatever little decorative pieces you want. There is no guideline that you have to follow, if you think it looks pretty then go with it. Adding your creative twist on to an idea from Pinterest is the best thing to do. Most people get their ideas from Pinterest so don’t feel the need to follow it exactly because your guests will notice the parts you add to match your personality

Do trust gut instincts, if you like the design go with it but if you don’t speak up and change it because you’d rather follow your guts then go with what someone else says and hate it on the big day.

Do consider lighting, trust me lighting is important. If the reception is at night don’t have just candles or lights strung up, it might look nice but pictures won’t and your guests might have a hard time seeing.

Do add something special, put that little something unique to you and your future somebody on your napkin holders. Also if you have a thank you gift for your guests, try something fun that they’ll actually want or use, stop with the bags of candy. My favorite so far has been the jars of honey with notes saying, Thanks for bee-in’ here with us!

Don’t spend money on ceremony decor,the ceremony takes only 20 minutes unless you’re having a very traditional wedding in a church so don’t worry about the amount spent on the decorations for the isle and where you’re standing. Try using fake flowers if you have an arch, it won’t cost as much and it’ll be easier to put up.

Don’t place too many knick knacks, the last thing you want is flowers, candles, personal photos, streamers, and any other decorations you can use every where. The area was to look festive not like a wedding store threw up all over the place.

Don’t worry about linen, if you’re renting the seating and linen and it comes priced together then you don’t need to worry but if you need to bring your own linen don’t spend to much money because you’ll most likely only use it for that day. So buy it on sale or use cheap fabric to cover the tables.


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