It’s the Little Things

Last weekend I went to a friends wedding, she is probably the sweetest person I know and deserves only the best. I know during the planning process she had lots of difficulties, mainly from family not being supportive and offering help and friends too. While I told her I would help in any way she seemed to always feel over whelmed and forgot to reach out the others. So don’t forget that you don’t have to lean on only those involved in the wedding, there are friends that would more than be willing and don’t let the stress of others doubts get to you. As long as you’re sure about who you are going to marry that’s all that matters.

Now being an on looker I could see the little things that could have help and will hopefully help give you ideas for your big day. When we got there no signs or people helping with the wedding were out, so we walked around the venue until someone could tell we were lost. They directed us to the ceremony spot which was a building right next to the reception. So if you’re not going to have ushers put signs out directing towards the ceremony.

The ceremony was so cute, the bride and groom were so nervous and excited they kind of forgot everything that was planned during the rehearsal. Best tip I can give you is write down your vows!! They both got so emotional that they couldn’t speak or remember what they wanted to say, now don’t get me wrong it was adorable but I know they wanted to hear each other’s vows and so did the attendees.


After the ceremony we went to have cocktails while they took photos, once they came in they went straight into the first dance and mother/father dance. While doing that before dinner is fine it was completely rushed, I definitely recommend dinner and then the first dances so that once those are over the rest of the party can join the dancing. Then you can do speeches while people are eating and mix up it all so not everything happens at once.

Lastly the one thing I really noticed was the difference between the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. The men knew this was a celebration and wanted to have fun with each other and the groom. While the girls kind of only focused on themselves and who they brought to the wedding. The guys did this hilarious dance and so the girls wanted to show them up but a couple weren’t “into it” and another girl had left. Rule no. 1 to give to your bridesmaids, they can’t leave until the end!!!! Also tell them that if they aren’t willing to make a fool of themselves to make you happy then they shouldn’t be involved. I had to go out with another friend and dance with the bride while the bridesmaids look not so enthused.

Image result for dancing wedding

So think of the little details and make sure those involved want to make sure you’re going to have the best time ever!


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