All About Style

The most important part is the dress and making sure everyone looks good, at least I think so because I love fashion. I found the next trends that are going to be popular for 2017 and I think the little changes are beautiful. It’s time to get away from the ball gown and mermaid style dresses!

Dresses are looking more delicate and classic this upcoming year and what the best way to add that to your look, LACE! It’s looks amazing in every style dress and every body type.


Not only does this have the lace but it has a cape over the shoulders, making her look regal. Another new look is going back to the past and adding some Victorianesque detail, look at that high collar and detail!!






Image result for a line blush wedding dress


Another new trend is having cut outs, whether it be on the front, side, or back. They add a little spice to the traditional gown. Also don’t think it needs to be floor length, having a shorter dress especially in the summer can do wonders! I think my most favorite concept is not going white, think about going blush, lilac, or even mint. In 2017 there are no rules to follow.



Now when it comes to the bridesmaids, the best advice I can give you is please make sure they are comfortable and don’t pick out an ugly dress to be sure that all eyes will be on you. Trust me all eyes will be on you and no one on your wedding party will stand out further than you. Second if your wedding is going to bein the middle of the summer please don’t pick out floor length dresses, it’s just cruel. Now the colors that are trending are fall near the neutral tones and in the primary color spectrum, blue, red and green.

A popular style is the two piece, with a tea length skirt. To add a little more trendy fashion you can have a crop top with the skirt, but that all depends if your bridesmaids are comfortable with it.





Bright colors are another new look and is so much fun in the spring and summer, and my favorite for the winter is velvet and that can be in any color. The most exciting look that your girls will love to the metallic and sequins! Look at how well the mix or it all looks and add a little flare that most people aren’t used to.




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