Hunger and Thirst

Besides the I do’s and the dancing most people are looking forward to the food and drinks. Now for the majority of weddings the bride and groom go for a caterer which is the best route because trying to make all the food, no matter how small, is just to stressful. So you usually start with what type of food do you want, but don’t forget about your guests because I hate to break it you but you won’t be eating much, you’ll be talking to guests taking pictures and listening to speeches while everyone else is eating. Main point is pick food that you know your guests will love and don’t forget to pick something that is vegetarian and kid friendly!

Theres the normal route you can go, a salad, then red or white meat with a side and desert later. I hate to break it to you but that is just so boring and doesn’t get the guests mingling. So I have found some great and fun ideas that are easily doable.

Breakfast for dinner! My favorite idea out of them all because who doesn’t love to eat breakfast?! You can waffles, pancakes, biscuits, pastries, omelets, mimosa bar; trust me the options are endless.


Then there’s the next option that many young couples are going for and can be fun. Food Stations! you can have a pizza bar, tacos and nachos, and sushi …..just to name a few. Remember your guests though because if only a few like sushi it’s best to go with something that majority will like. On the bright side having only one main option will make it easier on your budget.

What is the only thing that everyone thinks about when it comes to wedding food? Sweets! You can have fun with this, if you two aren’t big cake fans then go with something different. You can have a candy, popcorn, or ice cream station

967596.jpg              12513529-our-favorite-diy-wedding-popcorn-bars.jpg


I love all sweets and cake or cupcakes is a great idea but my favorite new trend is pies. You can get big or mini size pies and share them with everyone and there are so many options that every guest will be happy.

rustic-pie-wedding-dessert-ideas.jpg nashville-breakfast-wedding-by-jen-and-chris-creed.jpg amandaandkellyswedding.jpg





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