After the food and pictures, and of course the mingling and speeches comes the dancing. Traditionally there is a dance with the groom and his mother, the bride and her father, the first dance, and whatever other special dance you would like to add. You then have t think of a song together, it can be fun or sentimental, just depends on your relationship. If you don’t want to be traditional you don’t have to be. You can always do group dances, either with the brides party or the grooms, or whats even better is both. Have a little dance battle, it’ll be great for laughs and memories especially if your group is a bunch of close friends. PLEASE get a choreographer or at least someone to plan out the dance because an unplanned dance can be messy. You can either find a dance teacher or just follow a routine from a music video or movie, there’s plenty of tutorials on youtube. For myself I love footloose and all my cousins do to, so I love the idea of pulling of the dance at prom, yes if you love the idea too then you can take it and use it on your day.

Now the rest of the music for the night. I’ve seen it every way and the best idea is to get a DJ, they can play whatever music you like and aren’t limited unlike a band. Unless you know the band and the guests will enjoy their music the best way is with music that everyone knows. Most DJ’s will tell you to put a list together and they’ll do the rest, so all you have to do is pick songs the two of you enjoy and songs that the guests will know. The dancing time is for everyone and you want to make sure they’re having fun too.

Here are some sites with playlists or songs that are great for weddings and will help you make up your own list.

Ultimate Playlist

350 Songs


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