After the food and pictures, and of course the mingling and speeches comes the dancing. Traditionally there is a dance with the groom and his mother, the bride and her father, the first dance, and whatever other special dance you would like to add. You then have t think of a song together, it can … More Melody

Hunger and Thirst

Besides the I do’s and the dancing most people are looking forward to the food and drinks. Now for the majority of weddings the bride and groom go for a caterer which is the best route because trying to make all the food, no matter how small, is just to stressful. So you usually start … More Hunger and Thirst

A Man’s Style

Most people only focus on the bride and what she will be wearing but what may surprise you is the guy can get a little excited about dressing up too! There are so many options besides the normal black suit, so I’m going to show you the different things a guy can wear and maybe … More A Man’s Style

All About Style

The most important part is the dress and making sure everyone looks good, at least I think so because I love fashion. I found the next trends that are going to be popular for 2017 and I think the little changes are beautiful. It’s time to get away from the ball gown and mermaid style … More All About Style


On the big day or leading up to it things go wrong and at the time they aren’t always funny but sometimes they are just what you need. Here’s some funny stories that I heard! Tristan You get so excited for the proposal and it was something I had been waiting for after dating for … More Whoops!

Themed All Out?

The theme for your wedding usually matches your venue. So if you picked a venue on the beach, the colors and decorations would go along with the setting, or if you were getting married in the winter in a barn the colors would be rich and dark. It all depends on your personal preference’s. First … More Themed All Out?

When and Where?

Alright hopefully you read my previous entry and took the advice on enjoying your time being engaged, with no wedding planning. Now the fun stuff starts! First thing that you should think about is what time of the year you want to get married. Lets do some Pros and Cons ¬†Winter Wedding Pros Snowfall looks … More When and Where?